What we do !

    We operate agricultural business in all its ramification. We are into production, storage, preservation, processing, supply, importation, exportation, distribution and marketing of farm produce, agricultural allied products, machines and implements. We carry out agricultural consultancy and management of agricultural businesses for varied categories of clients ranging from farmers,growers , land owners , conservation organisation , public bodies and other agricultural businesses in manufacturing and services .
    Specifically our agricultural support services includes the followings:

  1. We advise & solve on-farm challenges for clients to ensure their business runs efficiently as possible and make them aware of the business and legislative implications of their advice.
  2. We consult on both technical and business matters ; Our technical matters includes agronomy, environment and conservation, livestock, nutrition , waste management and technically applications . While our business matters includes business planning , estate and financial advice for agricultural business and farms, personal management.
  3. . We liaise with clients to identify farm requirements, marketing needs and also strategies that meets product demands.
  4. . Developing sound business plan : We conduct objective enterprise analysis, pinpointing opportunities to improve operating efficiency and farm profitability.
  5. . Evaluates feasibility of new ventures and expansion: We develop realistic cash flow and profitability projections. If the venture will require support from a lender or investor; this independent assessments can provide valuable support documentation.
  6. . Improve farm performance and profitability : We analyses existing farm challenges and develop appropriate management practices.
  7. . Improve employee productivity : We design job descriptions, employee handbooks, performance chart, incentive plans and deploy other relevant services that helps farmers retain valuable employees and improve worker productivity.
  8. . Monitor and analyses farm progress in line with the budgets and forecast.
  9. We offer a range of different trainings and assessments options designed to meet our client needs with all the internal quality processes and practices in place. Our training options includes on-site trainings, training at the main office , remote training , consultations visits , group training and workshops
  10. Setting up various crops and animal farm for our clients .
  11. . Other services include integrated pest management, veterinary liaison services and organisation of agricultural work shops.
  12. . Totally involved with our clients from the start to finish of project.