About Us

Noble Global Resources (Nig.)Ltd is an indigenous multifunctional firm incorporated under the Companies and Allied matters Act, 1990 of the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria since 26th July, 2010. We also operate in the United-Kingdom as Noble Global Resources Uk limited registered under the Companies Act, 2006 of England and Wales by Company House on the 25th July, 2014. We provide agricultural support services to farmers. Our purpose is to be associated with excellence in delivering quality services to our clients.Our reputation speaks for itself, we have maintained a proven standards of probity and client satisfaction through strategic compliance with improved research findings that stand to enhance sustainability in agricultural projects. Our proud record in providing the best possible services in our field of endeavour is sustained via our dedication and commitment to professionalism. Our workforce is made up of professionals in various fields of agriculture; a great team to work with. The universal dependency on agriculture as an immeasurable asset investment opportunity stimulated our drive and contributions to the global vision for food and security sustainability. We operate as a farm and an agricultural business consulting firm that meets the challenges of today's revitalised agriculture - the one that can see the whole picture - the one that is as comfortable in the barnyard as in the bedroom.

Our Vision
To help farm profit grow by sustaining and increasing our role as experts and key advisory partners on food and agricultural policies with the view of delivering efficient and sustainable integrated modern farm practices that is socio-economically and environmentally balanced.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to encourage lasting changes in agricultural projects by providing reliable, consistent and standard agricultural support services that ensure farmers realise optimal profits in their possible farm investment decisions.
Our Strategies
Our strategy is simple and all inclusive . We are involved with our clients from inception to the end of the project. Our team of agricultural experts ensures that our clients are guided in the smart farm investment decisions which eliminates stress, time wastage and investment losses most farmers encounter.

Some of our core strategies include:

1) Efficiently utilizing locally available resources to boost production output .e.g:-

  1. Reducing the high energy consumption by opting for cheaper bio-fuel /solar power sources.
  2. Growing the crops to feed the live stocks and in-turn nourishing the crops with waste from the live stock.
  3. Efficiently utilizing water,land and man power resources.

2) By ensuring the implementation of an eco-friendly production system . e.g:-

  1. Minimising production waste by either reusing on-site reuse or off-site recycle of waste products.
  2. Opting for suitable ecological structures as challenge to conceive and to create .
  3. Reducing the rate of inorganic material input by opting for alternative eco-friendly practices .

3) Other specific options as required to possible enterprise expansion within the shortest period of production .